Android-Say Hi to Google’s blue eyed boy

Android forayed into the tech world as a mobile operating system.

Android forayed into the tech world as a mobile operating system. Introduced by Google and its OEM partners, it created quite a buzz. It came in with a bang, and how! Android very steadily monopolized the market and is the most widely used mobile operation system with regular addition of fan boys who swear by it.

Every geek worth his salt will abide by Android’s awesomeness. How is it that in a span of 8 years it went on to become the leader in the mobile computing scene? Its beautiful interface, open source nature, and high customizability are its torch bearers. Being free for all to modify and develop, it gave developers the much needed advantage of making changes as and how they pleased. Another brilliant aspect of it is its app marketplace! Several of the apps are free and are open for further tweaks. The only competition it has is itself in terms of the freedom it brings to developers and users.

Through its iterations it goes on besting itself making it the most loved OS. The quirky names for each update only add to its fun element, from Cupcake and Eclair to Kitkat and Lollipop, all the things we love. Yum!


Based on the Linux kernel, its user end applications include mobile phones, tablets, wearable technology, car entertainment and navigation systems, televisions.  It current market share is about 75% of the user base and this trend will only go upwards given the current scenario. It has seen an exponential growth from the time of its induction to its current stronghold as the frontrunner in the mobile OS race.

The illustration below gives a glimpse into the platform and its architecture.


Each manufacturer customizes the software to its hardware and the result has Android at its heart with the OEM’s own applications, commonly called bloatware. The biggest companies that employ Android OS are HTC, Samsung and Sony, with newer companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi stepping up the game.

An Android developer is free to develop any kind of app and upload it into the market for other users. What this level of customization allows is creative and user friendly applications. Though there is sometimes a vulnerability of bad software and security, it makes up with its upsides. It may not be the OS we deserve but it definitely is the white knight we need for our growth in the mobile sector.

September 11, 2008

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