Tips for Effective Social Branding on LinkedIn

Let’s face it – nowadays, before meeting anyone, we seek their profile on Facebook to check up on them.

Let’s face it – nowadays, before meeting anyone, we seek their profile on Facebook to check up on them. From their Display Picture, About Me section, Groups, Likes etc., we scan all information that is publically available about them, which in turn helps in creating a perception about them. Similarly, more and more recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile as a preliminary scan for any job application, which helps them create a first impression about you on the pretext of checking up on your professional history. Whether you’re a fresher, an experienced professional or even an entrepreneur, your LinkedIn Profile could be a prominent stepping stone to a plethora of career opportunities in the future. Similarly, from a business perspective, it is crucial that your company, no matter how big or small, have an updated and active LinkedIn page for both existing and potential employees to connect with your company as well as track its activities and events. Whether you have a profile or a page, branding yourself socially on LinkedIn matters a lot.


Here is my take on how to turn your LinkedIn profile/page (p/p) into your unique Social Brand that sets you apart from others in a more structured and specialized social networking environment offered by LinkedIn. First, keep in mind the following pointers to keep your USB a strong one:

  • Don’t Design your P/P like Facebook

While running multiple pages and integrating content on multiple social media sites is beneficial, LinkedIn requires a certain level of sophistication and rich content as compared to Facebook or Twitter. So be careful before you post a picture or share random, irrelevant content on LinkedIn.

  • Update Information Regularly

Whether it’s a new job, or a new product, employees and employers alike are following your LinkedIn p/p carefully, and any information about a new job or shared content shows in their news feed. Thus, you must keep updating the information on a regular basis to keep your fellow users and page followers in the loop.

  • Keep It Crisp

Your p/p should be content-rich, but don’t overdo it. It is important for you to use the right keywords in the right manner to make sure that your p/p comes up in the top search results for your chosen industry and/or job.

  • Get Good Endorsements

Any profile looks better when endorsed by fellow employees/mentors. Similarly, sharing endorsed content on your company page helps strengthen your social brand by instilling brand equity in the page followers.

Keeping these tips in mind while managing your LinkedIn p/p will not only help in creating your unique brand, but also enable you to create genuine visibility about you as a professional or a company that other professionals can seek out and connect with. This will also enable you to develop appropriate content, which can greatly help you in running LinkedIn-specific social media campaigns for your page successfully.



September 11, 2008

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