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We live in an era where everything we need is available literally at our fingertips.

We live in an era where everything we need is available literally at our fingertips. Handheld devices, more specifically smartphones and tablets, have brought in a sea change on how we interact with technology and how we use it for everyday purposes. From home security to online shopping to hailing a cab, we found a high use of the smartphone revolution and now we cannot imagine a life without it!! There is an app for almost everything these days! Read a book, pay your bills, make banking transactions, use social media; the list is endless. One can do this swiftly, conveniently and seamlessly thanks to all the software geeks putting their hearts and minds to develop applications that we use so nonchalantly. Thanks you brilliant boons to the planet. What would we do without you!

How do you get me to rave about you too? Well, bestow upon us non-programmers with awesome apps and I’ll be singing your praises like a canary. :D And how do you do that? Become a mobile app developer silly!

Mobile application development is the developing of software applications keeping the mobile/smartphone interface in mind. Most phones in today’s market are touchscreen based, and apps can take advantage of this by being specific to the hardware on board. For example, a phone’s gyroscope sensors can be the focus when building compass, odometer and fitness apps. Now there are multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, to name the widely used ones, on which apps can be deployed and developed for. The recent few years has seen an increase in the need for a mobile app for everything, as we are always connected through our devices. You want more people to have access to your product? Well make an app already! This seems to be the mantra of the age.

One of the most important aspects of the process is the user interface (UI) design. This relates to front end development and has the end user in mind. If a user does not like the interface at hand, they will not use the app even if it is actually helpful or useful, they will just go and look for a similar app with a better UI! The UI has to function in sync with the device and should be user friendly in terms of touch response, sizing of the text and page, graphic design. Contrary to popular belief, face value does count.

Next comes the functionality and actual features of the app. The developer has to focus on what the app is being designed for, the intended audience, how the app responds etc. At the backend, programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the C family are the most used. Building an app lets the developer tailor it as per his/her vision of the app and program accordingly. Apps are highly customizable and can perform any function that falls under its operational ambit.

Mobile app development is a versatile domain of software technology, and has ample scope of progress. Its knowledge and skill is being increasingly sought after and app developers are in high demand.  You too can increase your personal stakes by learning how to become a mobile app developer through kool classes many courses. Log on and explore right now!

September 11, 2008

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